P1020660 Book Photographed by Beekeeper for reference purpose skldpm32[1]

The Gunbooks and Blades website has been set up to sell the remnants of a 50 year old collection of arms and armour including deactivated guns, swords, accessories and books.

September 2015

The stock list is now complete and so if you cannot find what you are looking for then I do not and will not have it available.

If you want more information or photographs of anything please do not hesitate to ask.

Visit the shop and browse through our categories and products.

Payment can be made by Bank Transfer, Cheque or Cash .

Carriage charges are added as an extra as I will try to find the cheapest method of shipping for whatever is in your shopping basket.

If you see something of interest but think it too expensive feel free to make me an offer but do not be offended or hurt if I refuse it as I will if it is not a sensible offer.

I will be happy, on the more expensive items, to accept payment  over an agreed period of time. The first payment will reserve the item and the last will trigger its dispatch to you

You can use the search box above to search for a particular item or you can browse through the categories and products.

You do not have to register on this website in order to purchase any of the products.

If you regularly purchase from this website then you can have the option of having of storing your details on site so that you do not have to type them in on each visit.

Finally, if its of interest, I’ve set up this website as it is probably the most cost effective way of selling off a collection without incurring the high cost of on-line sales sites, auctions or commission sales. Initially I thought this project might be costly and complicated  but my friends at Crieff Technology – now Tay IT soon convinced me it was very easy and cost effective. Give them a call and check it out for yourself.